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If a Defendant needs an interpreter for a hearing, trial, or plea please give the court a week advance notice.

A deposit for half of the estimated cost of the Reporter’s Record is required prior to the start of transcription and the remaining balance is due upon completion. All requests for the Reporter’s Record must be in writing, designating the cause number, date of hearing, portion(s) of the hearing requested, and copies of exhibits, if any.

All exhibits and witness lists need to be emailed to the Court Reporter 7 days before the day of trial. Any audio and video exhibits need to be placed on a USB Flash Drive and given to the Court Reporter.

Pro Se Litigants, if you have questions regarding forms or any legal advice, refer to or Courts are not prohibited from giving legal advice.

  1. Peyton Sanders

    Court Coordinator

  1. Alisa Blankenship

    Court Reporter

  1. Carlton Carrington