Financial Reports

The County Auditor has the responsibility of prescribing the systems and procedures for handling the finances of the County and examining, auditing, and approving all disbursements from County funds prior to submission to the Commissioners' Court for approval.

The financial reporting entity of Chambers County includes all of the funds for the County. The County provides a full range of services including police protection, legal and judicial services, and construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. The transactions of all elected county, district, and precinct officers are also included. Although these officials are responsible solely to the electorate, the officials receive funding for the operation of their departments from the Commissioners' Court, which has discretion over those expenditures.

The Chambers County Treasurer must report at least monthly, a financial report to Commissioner's Court that details money received and disbursed, and debts due to and owed by the County.

Treasurer's Reports

Payroll Check Registers

Expense Approval Reports

Unclaimed Funds (Outstanding Checks List) Reports

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