Jury Services

Animated juryOperated by the Chambers County District Clerk's Office, the Jury Services Department is the central resource for all jury-related matters within Chambers County, covering District, County Court at Law, County, and Justice of the Peace courts. 

November 2022: Commissioners Court approved the implementation of an enhanced jury summons system, aimed at streamlining the jury summons process.

Jury Summons Process

  • Summons postcards are sent by mail and will provide guidance to you regarding reporting locations and times.  Stay on the lookout for this postcard and reply accordingly.  These postcards bear the same statutory requirements as the traditional paper summons.
  • Jurors may register by completing an online questionnaire. Once registered, jurors will receive notifications and updates through email, phone, or text messages. 

Visit the Jury eResponse page for information.
A dedicated jury services coordinator is on hand to provide assistance to Chambers County courts.

The Significance of Jury Service

Jury service is a fundamental civic duty, ranking second only to the right to vote, and is a core element of the American Justice System. In accordance with the United States Constitution, jurors are selected impartially and randomly, without regard to race, gender, occupation, education, or economic status, to ensure a representative cross-section of the county's population. The Justice of the Peace courts in Chambers County also follow this practice, selecting jurors from throughout the county, regardless of precinct of residence.

The judgments delivered by a jury hold great importance, whether the case is highly complex, involving significant sums, or as straightforward as a traffic violation. Every juror must take their responsibility seriously to ensure a fair and just court decision. Responding to the summons for jury duty is a shared responsibility for all Chambers County residents, contributing to the principles of our justice system.

Warning: Beware of Jury Service Scams!

No one from Chambers County will ever call or text you requesting you pay a fine for failing to appear for jury service. If you receive this type of communication, please notify the Chamber County Sheriff's Office.

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