District Clerk

The District Clerk's office is committed to delivering the highest level of service to our citizens.

Our office is devoted to safeguarding the historical records of Chambers County, ensuring their preservation and conservation. Our dedicated and diligent staff is unwavering in their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

We proudly provide passport services at both of our locations, drawing customers not only from our immediate area but also from neighboring counties. Our reputation for exceptional customer service spreads through word-of-mouth.

Moreover, the District Clerk's Office has the responsibility of overseeing the Jury Services Department for Chambers County. To access comprehensive information about Jury Services and the summons process, please visit our dedicated Jury Services page.

Duties of the District Clerk

The Texas Constitution, Article 5, Section 9 – “There shall be a Clerk for the District Court of each county, who shall be elected by the qualified voters and who shall hold his office for four years.”

The District Clerk provides support for the district courts and is the custodian of all court pleadings and papers that are part of any cause of action, civil or criminal, in all courts served by the Clerk.  The District Clerk’s duties also include indexing and securing all court records, collecting filing fees, handling funds held in litigation and money awarded to minors, and being the jury manager for the county.

The District Clerk serves the following courts:

  • 344th Judicial District Court, Presiding Judge Randy McDonald
  • 253rd Judicial District Court, Presiding Judge Chap B. Cain, III
  • County Court at Law, Presiding Judge Cindy S. Price
  • Three Rivers Cluster Court (CPS), Presiding Judge John Lockwood
  • Attorney General Court, Presiding Judge Jennifer Baker

Paperless Notice

The Chambers County District Clerk's Office is now paperless and paper case files are no longer available for viewing.

We offer two methods of viewing cases:

  1. Our Online Chambers County Portal where you can register to view case records and purchase available documents; and 
  2. Coming to either of the District Clerk office locations to view records on our public access terminals.

Pursuant to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures-Rule 21(F) (13), “Official Record. The clerk may designate an electrically filed document or a scanned paper document as the official court record. The clerk is not required to keep both paper and electronic versions of the same document unless otherwise required by local rule.”

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office for assistance.

  1. Heather Lanferman

    Chief Deputy

  1. Hannah Barefield

    Civil & Family Deputy/Appeals Supervisor

  1. Jasmine Selva

    Quality Control Supervisor

  1. Whitney Sherman

    Quality Control Deputy

  1. Melissa Fechner

    Criminal Deputy Supervisor

  1. Beatriz Hightower

    Civil & Family Deputy

  1. Caprisa Lemoine

    Civil & Family Deputy

  1. Kelsea Moye

    Civil & Family Deputy

  1. Cristal Vargas

    Criminal Deputy

  1. Sara Ogden

    Jury Manager/Collections Deputy

  1. Tyler Loftin

    Jury/Collections Deputy

  1. Crystal Wheeler

    West Side Deputy

  1. Jessica Negrete

    West Side Deputy