Jury Service Compensation

Do I Get Compensated for My Jury Services?

Jury Selection

Jurors who appear for jury selection will receive  compensation of $20 for their attendance. It's important to note that if it is determined that you do not reside in Chambers County, compensation will not be provided. Additionally, when registering through the eResponse Website, you have the option to donate this $20.

Jury Service

For jurors selected to serve on a jury, compensation is set at $58 per day, or part of a day, until the completion of their service.  A check will be issued to the address to which your summons was originally mailed unless you specify an alternative address. You will also have the opportunity to contribute a portion or the entirety of your payment to a charitable cause.

Jury Reimbursement Donation

Pursuant to Section 61.003 of the Texas Government Code, a juror has the option of donating their juror pay to the programs listed below:

  • Chambers County Child Welfare Board (Foster Children Care): Provides coordinated state and local public welfare services for children and their families and for the coordinated use of federal, state, and local funds for these services under the direction of a child welfare board created by the commissioner's court.
  • Chambers County Fallen Officers Memorial Fund: Provided financial assistance to families of fallen law enforcement officers of Chambers County.
  • Texas State Crime Victims Compensation Fund: Funds and encourages greater victim participation in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals and reimburse innocent victims for certain out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of violent crime.
  • Bay Area Turning Point: Funds a local shelter for battered, abused, and displaced women and their children. and support services for the homeless. This shelter serves the Greater Bay Area (Chambers County) and is funded by endorsement, grants, and fundraising efforts of its communities.

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