Records Search

Our court records portal offers comprehensive access to Chambers County court records, spanning across the District, County, and Justice of the Peace courts. Within this platform, you have the capability to search court records using a variety of criteria, including name, record (case) number, and specific date ranges. Additionally, the portal provides a convenient avenue for making payments on cases.

For those seeking to conduct a date range search through Smart Search, simply navigate to the Advanced Filtering Options. Insert an asterisk (*) in the "Enter a Record Number" field, then proceed to the "Search Cases" section to input your preferred date range.

To assist you in getting started, informative notifications on the portal's front page will walk you through the available registration options. 

For further insights and guidance, we've included tutorial videos below. If you require specific assistance related to your case, please don't hesitate to reach out to the clerk's office responsible for your matter.

To begin your search, visit the Chambers County online court records portal.

Portal Tutorial Videos

How to: Case Search

How to: Hearing Search

Chambers County is pleased to introduce a new feature, "Search Hearings," now available on Portal. This feature empowers you to efficiently explore hearing settings, referred to as "dockets," by cause number, party name, attorney name, and court.