County Attorney

Animated attorney scalesDuties of the County Attorney

The County Attorney is entrusted with a spectrum of legal duties that are crucial for the County's governance and the welfare of its residents. The office hosts a bimonthly Victim's Options Class for survivors of domestic violence and is staffed with a Victim's Assistance Coordinator. Some of the key responsibilities of the Chambers County Attorney's Office are:

Misdemeanor Prosecution: Handles misdemeanor cases within Chambers County, representing the state in criminal proceedings.

Legal Counsel: Provides expert legal counsel and guidance to county officials, departments, and elected officials, the Chambers County Attorney aids in matters pertaining to county governance, contracts, and legal compliance.

County Defense: The Chambers County Attorney serves as the frontline defender of our county in legal actions.

Legal Opinions: Issues legal opinions that assist in interpreting laws, regulations, and contracts for county officials, providing guidance on legal matters that impact the functioning of our county government.

Legal Document Drafting: Drafts and reviews legal documents, like contracts and agreements, to ensure legal compliance and protect the County's interests.

Open Government Compliance: Aids in ensuring adherence to open records and open meetings laws, thereby promoting transparency and adherence to legal requirements in the conduct of county government affairs.

Statutory Obligations: Fulfills various statutory duties that pertain to county government, playing an integral role in supporting the effective operation of Chambers County.

  1. Picture of Kali Gonzalez

    Kali Gonzalez

    First Assistant County Attorney

  1. Picture of Ramille Law

    Ramille Law

    Assistant County Attorney

  1. Picture of Dwayne Simpson

    Dwayne Simpson

    Assistant County Attorney

  1. Picture of Teri Rose

    Teri Rose

    Executive Assistant/Victims' Assistance Coordinator

  1. Picture of Davisha Beltran

    Davisha Beltran

    Administrative Assistant

  1. Picture of Emily Muniz

    Emily Muniz

    Discovery/Intake Coordinator

  1. Picture of Angelique Rhame

    Angelique Rhame

    Juvenile Coordinator

  1. Picture of Taylor Wilcox

    Taylor Wilcox

    Public Information Secretary