Pretrial Services

Chambers County Pretrial Services is a vital component of our criminal justice system. Our mission is to ensure a fair and balanced approach to pretrial management while promoting community safety and the rights of individuals facing legal proceedings.

Our Key Responsibilities

Pretrial Assessments: Our dedicated team conducts thorough risk assessments to determine whether individuals arrested should be released before their trial. These assessments help the court make informed decisions regarding the risk of flight or potential threats to public safety.

Release Recommendations: Based on risk assessments, we provide recommendations to the court on appropriate release conditions. This may include bail, electronic monitoring, or other conditions necessary to secure the defendant's appearance at court proceedings.

Supervision: For those released with specific conditions, our team offers supervision to ensure compliance with court orders. This can involve regular check-ins, drug testing, or other forms of monitoring to support defendants in meeting their legal obligations.

Court Attendance: Ensuring that defendants appear for their scheduled court dates is a fundamental aspect of our role, ensuring the integrity of the legal process.

Data Management: We maintain comprehensive data on defendants and their risk assessments. This data helps inform court decisions and enhances the efficiency of our justice system.

Chambers County Pretrial Services is dedicated to striking the right balance between public safety and the principle that individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We strive to prevent unnecessary detention of low-risk defendants, reduce case backlog, and ensure that those posing a risk to the community are appropriately supervised or detained.

Thank you for entrusting us with this essential responsibility in the pursuit of justice and community well-being.

Supporting Staff

  1. Picture of Karen Humber

    Karen Humber

    Bond Supervision Officer

  1. Picture of Kristena Yawn

    Kristena Yawn

    Bond Supervision Officer