District Attorney

About the Chambers County District Attorney's Office  

The Chambers County District Attorney’s Office represents the State of Texas and victims in criminal matters that arise anywhere in Chambers County. 

The chief prosecutor in Chambers County is the elected District Attorney, Cheryl Swope Lieck. She is assisted by Assistant District Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Legal Assistants, and a District Attorney Investigator. 

Fiscal Efficiency

One of the tenets of our guiding principles is to be a diligent steward of taxpayer money. Our office takes this very seriously, and we are proud to save taxpayers money through the use of forfeiture funds and grants to cover law enforcement and prosecution necessities. 

Chambers County District Attorney's Office - Guiding Principles

In the Chambers County DA’s Office, we are guided by a set of principles. While we understand that no one is perfect, we use these principles to ensure that every day we come into work, we are focused and prepared to serve in the appropriate way. 

  1. Our primary duty is to see that justice is done – not to merely seek a conviction.
  2. We will act with respect toward victims of crimes and treat them with dignity.
  3. We will act with respect toward the accused.
  4. We will be diligent stewards of taxpayer money.
  5. We will invest ourselves in the community, and work to instill the public’s confidence in our work.
  1. Dane Listi

    First Assistant District Attorney

  1. Eric Carcerano

    Assistant District Attorney

  1. Kathy Esquivel

    Assistant District Attorney

  1. Mallory Vargas

    Assistant District Attorney

  1. Julia Keck


  1. Meaghan Westerman


  1. Leslie Childress

    Paralegal and Legal Secretary

  1. Ashley Ulkie

    Legal Secretary

  1. Whitney Deckert

    Legal Secretary

  1. Belinda Parker

    Legal Secretary