344th District Court

Animated judge's gavelGeneral Information

There are no local rules.  This Court goes strictly by the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.
Visit the Texas Judicial Branch website for more information.

The court begins at 9:00 AM.  All hearings are open to the public.

Professional attire is expected.

The party requesting an oral hearing or trial date should email the coordinator for a date and time.

Jury Trials

Each attorney is expected to have a proposed jury charge prepared on the first day of trial.  The parties should e-mail courtesy copies of their proposed questions and instructions in Microsoft Word format to the court coordinator.

Court Reporting

Services available: Rough draft, PDF transcript, and PDF Condensed transcript.

A deposit for half of the estimated cost is required prior to transcription. All requests for transcripts must be in writing, designating the style of the case, date of hearing, portion(s) of hearing requested, and copies of exhibits, if any.

  1. Tonya Hunt (CCM)

    Court Coordinator

  1. Lori Hudgins (CSR)

    Court Reporter

  1. John Feist


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