Constable Fees

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Fee NameFee Amount
Service Fees (From All Courts)
Citations(s): Regular, Certified & All Others$100.00
 By Publication
By Posting
Notice(s): Regular, Certified & All  Others$100.00
Show Cause
Oral Deposition
Precept to Serve
Precept to Serve$100.00
Temporary Restraining / Protective Order$100.00
Forcible Detainer(s)$100.00
Probate Posting (one location)$50.00
Posting Written Notice (each location)$25.00

Writes (Applies to All Writs)
Writ of Attachment (includes person(s) & property)$175.00
Writ of Garnishment$175.00
Writ of Certiorari$175.00
Writ of Injunction$175.00
Writ of Habeas Corpus$175.00
Writ of Restitution$175.00
Writ of Restriction$175.00
Writ of Re-entry$175.00
Writ of Distress Warrant$175.00
Writ of Sequestration$175.00
Writ of Possession(s) (plus Possession Bonds)$175.00
(Additional $50.00 per hour after the first 2 hours of Writ of Possession)
Writ of Execution (plus Commission)$175.00
Order of Sales for Tax Sale (plus Commission)$100.00
Order of Sales for All Others (plus Commission)$175.00
Writ of Turnover Order (plus Commission)$175.00
Commission on Execution(s)/Order of Sale(s)/Turn Over Order(s): 10% with Sale (No Maximum) * 5% without Sale (No Maximum)     (Note: With Plaintiff direction to withhold or release levy, withhold collection, cancel or recall Writ without  Constable completing collection of judgments and costs, except Tax Foreclosure Order of Sales)$500.00
Civil Warrant$175.00
Tax Warrant$400.00

Certified or Registered Mail Service by Elected Officials$50.00
Executing Deed on Bill of Sale$50.00
Sheriff’s/Constables Jury Panel Notify (County Court)$45.00
(District Court)
Taking & Approving Bond$15.00

21-09-269 Motion made by Tice and seconded by Combs to approve the Consent Agenda, with the exception of Agenda Item 19.5 and Agenda Item 19.6

Friday, September 17, 2021

Insert; Passed.