Animated law enforcement badge with a star in the middleWhat is a Constable?

A constable is a licensed peace officer and performs various law enforcement functions. They also serve legal documents and perform other duties.

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Duties of the Constables Office

Constables hold a crucial position as an elected law enforcement officer responsible for serving the local community. Their role in Chambers County encompasses several key responsibilities:

Serving Legal Documents: Are entrusted with serving a variety of legal documents, including subpoenas, eviction notices, and court orders. They ensure that these documents are delivered promptly and lawfully to the intended recipients within Chambers County.

Preserving Peace and Law Enforcement: Are empowered to maintain peace and enforce the law. They have the authority to respond to disturbances, make arrests, and issue citations when violations of the law occur.

Court Security: Often serve as peace officers in justice of the peace courts, providing security during court proceedings. They ensure that court orders and judgments are effectively carried out.

Warrant Execution: May execute warrants issued by the courts in Chambers County. This includes the apprehension and custody of individuals named in arrest warrants or the execution of search warrants.

Traffic Enforcement: May play a role in traffic enforcement, monitoring road safety, issuing traffic citations, and upholding traffic regulations within Chambers County.

Civil Process Service: Serve as essential intermediaries in civil law matters. They are responsible for delivering civil process documents, such as summons and lawsuits, on behalf of the courts and individuals involved in legal disputes.

Investigations: Have the authority to conduct investigations related to criminal activity within Chambers County. This may involve collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to address and resolve criminal cases.

Delinquent Tax Sales: Help provide notice, facilitate auctions, execute warrants, and maintain records for the legal sale of properties with unpaid taxes.

In Chambers County, a Constable is an elected official who is directly accountable to the voters of their precinct. Their role is to uphold the law, ensure the peace and safety of the community, and serve the legal needs of Chambers County residents within the boundaries of their elected position.

Civic Papers by Precinct

  • Cashier's checks or money orders payable to: Chambers County.
  • No out-of-state checks are accepted (if out of state, send cashier's checks or money orders only).
  1. Physical Address
    10616 Eagle Dr.
    Mont Belvieu, TX 77523


    Mailing Address
    PO Box 552
    Mont Belvieu, TX 77580

  2. Secretary

  1. Physical Address
    300 Cummings St.
    Anahuac, TX 77514


    Mailing Address
    PO Box 336
    Anahuac, TX 77514

  2. Secretary

  1. Dennis Dugat

    Precinct 1

  1. John Mulryan

    Precinct 2

  1. Donnie Standley

    Precinct 3

  1. Ben L. "Butch" Bean

    Precinct 4

  1. Brad W. Moon

    Precinct 5

  1. Kirk W. Ritch

    Precinct 6