Emergency Management

Animated Emergency Management light

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates the Chambers County emergency management program to prepare, prevent, plan, respond and recover from all-hazard events. The OEM woks with the various emergency response organizations within Chambers County, and coordinates emergency operations in cooperation with local, State and Federal governmental and private sector agencies.

Duties of the Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Planning: OEM develops and maintains emergency plans and procedures to address a wide range of potential disasters and emergencies, including natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, floods, wildfires) and industrial accidents.

Emergency Response: During an actual emergency or disaster, the department coordinates the response efforts of various agencies and organizations. They ensure that resources, such as first responders (police, fire, EMS), medical services, and shelters, are deployed efficiently to address the emergency.

Hurricane Preparedness: Chambers County faces an increased risk of hurricanes and tropical storms. The department dedicates significant efforts to hurricane preparedness, including evacuation planning, shelter management, and coordination with the National Weather Service for accurate forecasting.

Chemical Industry Safety: The county hosts a significant petrochemical industry, which presents potential industrial accident risks. The Emergency Management Department works closely with local industries to ensure emergency response plans and safety measures are in place.

Wildfire Prevention and Response: In addition to hurricane threats, Chambers County is susceptible to wildfires, especially during dry periods. The department focuses on wildfire prevention, readiness, and coordination with local fire departments.

Communication and Public Information: The Emergency Services Coordinator, along with the Public Information Officer, manages communication during emergencies, including public alerts, warnings, and updates. This includes providing information to the public, the media, and relevant agencies to keep everyone informed.

Training and Exercises: The department conducts training and exercises for first responders and emergency management personnel to ensure they are prepared to handle various emergency situations effectively.