Per Senate Bill 1139, Passed by the 84th Legislative Session: E-File Mandate effective January 1, 2016, for Chambers County Per the Texas Supreme Court mandate miscellaneous order MD 12-9208, all documents that are part of civil matters must be e-filed.

Mailed documents will only be accepted by Pro-Se filers as they do not fall under the Mandate issued by the Supreme Court. Documents mailed from an attorney will be returned unfiled so that you may e-file them accordingly.

Paper documents brought into the County Clerk's Office will only be accepted by Pro-se filers, Original Orders from the Judge, or paper documents that were accepted as Bench Filings with the proper date/time stamp by the Judge as per statute. NO FAX filings will be accepted by this office. No paper documents from attorneys will be accepted over the counter for filing in the County Clerk's Office unless they fall under the exceptions listed below.

This mandate does not apply to individuals who are not represented by attorneys.

Exceptions to e-filing:

  • Wills are not required to be filed electronically. If a will is filed electronically, the original must be presented to the Clerk's Office within 3 business days after the application is filed.

The following documents must not be filed electronically:

  • Documents filed under seal or presented to the court in camera.
  • Documents to which access is otherwise restricted by law or court order.

Please visit E-File Texas Website for registration information and for additional information to assist with electronic filing.

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