County Clerk

The County Clerk is the dedicated guardian of essential records and the vital support for our local courts. The role of County Clerk varies throughout each of the 254 Texas counties, but in Chambers County takes on a range of responsibilities, overseeing staff, records, and the collection of fees for a spectrum of judicial bodies, including civil, criminal, juvenile, and probate courts. They also manage proceedings for alcohol and beverage license hearings and play a vital role in Commissioners Court.

Furthermore, the County Clerk holds an ex-officio position within the Chambers County Commissioners Court, where their attendance or representation is required to maintain accurate records. Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are diligently submitted to both the County and State, underscoring the County Clerk's legal and fiduciary obligations in the management, investment, and distribution of all trust fund accounts.

Responsibilities of the County Clerk's Office

Records Management: Maintains and preserves public records, including property records, court documents, vital records, and various legal documents, including deeds, liens, judgments, and other legal instruments related to property and land transactions, ensuring they are properly recorded and accessible to the public. 

Elections Management: Oversees local elections, handling voter registration, candidate filings, ballot preparation, polling place management, early voting, and election result reporting.

Marriage Licenses: Issues marriage licenses, verify eligibility, and record marriage certificates, as well as manage vital records related to marriages.

Public Access: Ensures that the public has access to government records and information, often offering both physical and online access.

Compliance with Legal Requirements: Adheres to federal and state laws and regulations governing the management and accessibility of public records.

Administrative Support: Provides administrative support to county officials, assisting with document preparation, scheduling, and coordination of official activities.

In accordance with Texas House Bill 1195 the Chambers County Clerk's Office now requires an official photo ID when presenting a document in person for filing in the real property records.

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