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Pension Information

Chambers County is a member of the Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS). TCDRS is a statewide, agent multiple-employer, public-employee retirement system. TCDRS serves nearly 800 actively participating counties and districts throughout Texas. Each employer maintains its own customized plan of benefits.

Chambers County Benefit Levels
Employee Contribution Rate7% of pay
Employee Matching Rate
Years Required for Vesting
8 years
Service Retirement Eligibility
75 years total (age + service) or 30 years at any age
Prior Service Credit

Actuarial Information as of December 31, 2022
Actuarial Accrued Liability (AAL)
The Actuarial Value of Assets (AVA)
Unfunded Actuarial Accrued Liability (UAAL)
Funded Ratio (AVA/AAL)
Equivalent Single Amortization Period
7.9 years
The Assumed Rate of Return
Valuation Payroll
UAAL as a Percentage of Covered Payroll

Pensions Assets Liabilities Worksheet (XLSX)

Actuarial Value of Assets and Actuarial Accrued Liabilities Chart

Fiduciary Net Position

Fiduciary Net Position, Jan. 1

Net investment income credited to municipality                    -25,048,41810,646,72514,550,107-1,694,735

Employer contributions4,552,7044,452,6064,168,7121,705,6121,505,005

Plan member contributions2,241,1972,191,8582,052,1063,464,8243,057,316

Allocated Net Loss-8,158,754                    -                    -                    -                  -

Benefits Paid & Withdrawals -6,751,008-6,501,102-5,894,541-5,203,467-4,937,807

Administrative Expenses, Net-76,794-75,262-83,388-78,530-71,165

Other 122,29535,44619,86713,238-1,629
Fiduciary Net Position, Dec. 31

Fiduciary Net Position 2019 (XLSX)

Portfolio Management Strategy

The long-term expected rate of return of TCDRS assets is determined by adding expected inflation to expected long-term real returns and reflecting expected volatility and correlation. The target allocation and best estimate of the geometric real rate of return for each major asset class are summarized in the following table

Asset Class
Target Percent

Long-Term Expected Real Rate of Return (Geometric*)

U.S. Equities11.50%4.95%
Global Equities2.50%4.95%
International Equities - Developed Markets5.00%4.95%
International Equities - Emerging Markets
Investment - Grade Bonds3.00%2.40%
Strategic Credit9.00%3.39%
Direct Lending
Distressed Debt4.00%7.60%
REIT Equities2.00%4.15%
Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)2.00%5.30%
Private Real Estate Partnerships6.00%5.70%
Private Equity25.00%7.95%
Hedge Funds6.00%2.90%
Cash Equivalents2.00%0.20%
*Geometric real rates of return equal the expected return minus the assumed inflation rate of 2.3% per Cliffwater's 2023 capital market assumptions.

Historical Investment Returns

Investment Result Chart


Actuarially Determined Contributions (as a percentage of pay)

YearEmployeeEmployerTotal Required Contributions
20197%14.22%    21.22%

Pensions Contribution Rates Worksheet (XLSX)

Image of actuarially determined contribution rate versus actual total 2018-2022 graph

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