Property Tax Code Values

The following information is made available to enhance transparency in accordance with Tax Code Section 26.18.

Change in Budget Amount from 2022 to 2023

Amount Budgeted for Total Expenditures
Dollar Amount Change+ $3,330,788
Percentage Change+ 3.66%

Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Tax Rate is the tax rate levied by districts to fund the operations and maintenance of schools, including maintenance tax notes, and contracts to finance movable equipment.

Adopted M&O Rate
Tax Year 20210.455726
Tax Year 20220.426680
Tax Year 20230.392902

Property Tax Revenue Amount Budgeted for M&O
Fiscal Year 2021$54,641,900
Fiscal Year 2022$51,414,000
Fiscal Year 2023$59,850,500

Debt Service

Debt Service is the annual combined principal and interest amount needed to repay all debt on time and in full.

Adopted Debt Service Rate
Tax Year 20210.426680
Tax Year 20220.426680
Tax Year 20230.055593

Property Tax Revenue Amount Budgeted for Debt Service
Fiscal Year 2021$6,670,375
Fiscal Year 2022$9,123,356
Fiscal Year 2023$8,749,400