Tax Office

Animated tax report folderDuties of the Tax Office

Tax Rate Facilitation: facilitates the tax rate through Truth-in-Taxation with taxing entities by adhering to state laws and regulations governing property taxation.  Visit the Texas Comptroller's Truth in Taxation page for more information.

Property Tax Collection: This involves receiving property tax values from the Chambers County Appraisal District, applying tax rates, sending out tax bills, receiving payments, and ensuring that property tax revenue is properly allocated to local taxing entities, such as school districts and municipal governments within Chambers County.

Motor Vehicle Registration and Titling: Registers and titles motor vehicles for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. This includes issuing vehicle registration stickers, license plates, and processing title transfers for local residents and businesses. Boat registration and titles will begin March 1, 2024, in partnership with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Distribution of Funds to Local Entities: After collecting property taxes, we ensure that the funds are distributed to the various local taxing entities, including schools, municipalities, and other governmental bodies within the county, to support essential public services.

Financial Record Keeping: Maintaining meticulous financial records is essential for transparency and accountability. The Tax Office is responsible for keeping accurate records related to tax collections, fee collections, and other financial transactions.

Compliance and Reporting: Staying updated on local and state tax laws and regulations and ensuring compliance is crucial. The Tax Office also reports tax collections and financial data to state agencies and local authorities, helping to maintain legal and regulatory compliance.

Beer & Liquor Licenses: Collection of County fees for Beer and Liquor Licenses are handled in the Tax Office. Visit the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission website for guidelines.

  1. Anahuac

    Physical Address
    405 S. Main
    Anahuac, TX 77514

    Fax: 409-267-8398

    8:00AM - 4:30PM

  1. Mont Belvieu

    Physical Address
    10616 Eagle Drive
    Mont Belvieu, TX 77523

    Fax: 281-576-6933

    8:00AM - 4:30PM

  1. Winnie

    Physical Address
    211 Broadway
    Winnie, TX 77665

    Fax: 409-296-8207

    8:00AM - 4:30PM