Boat Slip Rental

Rental Information

The contractual user of any County Boat Slip must be available during the scheduled time of the event and must have a copy of this rental contract at the event. Boat Slips may be randomly checked on rental dates and if the user is not present and/or the rental contract cannot be provided, the parties will be subject to being asked to vacate the premises and the user will forfeit the user fee and the deposit fee. All reservations must be made and paid for at least seven calendar days in advance. 

Boat Slip Hours

The rental period ends at noon the following morning, and the boat must leave the slip by noon, or the user will be charged for an additional day. The user is not allowed to enter the Boat Slip the day before or the day after the rental period unless it has been reserved and paid for in advance. The user should consider this if there’s a need to launch and recover the boat and also to allow time to clean the Boat Slip upon completion. No overnight vehicle parking is allowed unless the rental is for an overnight stay. Any equipment or vehicles left on the premises after the rental period is over will result in billing for the subsequent day.

Rental Fee

  • A rental fee is required for a 24 hour period of use for the Boat Slip.
  • The user is required to pay the rental fee at least seven (7) calendar days before the requested date.
  • If not cancelled, the rental fee will still be charged, even if the Boat Slip is not utilized during the rental day/period.

Boat Slip Rules

  1. Do not block access to other Boat Slips or impede traffic while using the Boat Slip.
  2. The user is liable for any damage to the Boat Slip, County Property, and the personal property of other visitors.
  3. If staying overnight, all occupants must limit noise and light exposure as to not disturb other Boat Slip users.
  4. Before the user leaves, the Boat Slip landing area and pier must be cleaned, which includes the boat slip and the immediate area surrounding it, as well as any associated trash bins (if applicable). All items brought or used during the rental period must be removed prior to departure.
  5. Do not overload the circuits by plugging too many items in to one outlet or it will possibly trip a breaker.
  6. If for any reason a user has a concern with a Boat Slip, the user is required to contact the office from which the Boat Slip was rented. If the concern occurs after regular business hours, the user should call the Chamber’s County Sheriff’s department at 409-267-2500

Use the Boat Slip Rental form to submit your rental agreement electronically.

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