Animated purchasing agreement

The County Purchasing Agent manages the operations of the Purchasing Office and is appointed by Chambers County Board of Judges consisting of two district judges and the county judge. The Purchasing Agent's reappointment takes place biennially.

Duties of the Purchasing Office

The Chambers County Purchasing Office is a key player in the efficient acquisition and procurement processes serving our diverse county departments. Our primary focus is on ensuring cost-efficiency, compliance, and transparency in all our operations.

Key Functions of Our Office

Procurement and Acquisition: Our core responsibility is sourcing goods, services, and equipment for County departments through competitive bidding, ensuring the best value for Chambers County.

Vendor Management: Managing vendor relationships is a foundational aspect of our operations. We evaluate vendor performance, negotiate contracts, and diligently enforce contractual terms.

Compliance and Regulations: We strictly adhere to County policies, state and federal regulations, and all applicable laws to maintain transparency, fairness, and accountability in our procurement activities.

Cost Efficiency: Our goal is to secure the most advantageous prices for goods and services. Through negotiations, bulk purchasing, and cooperative agreements, we contribute to responsible budget management.

Sourcing and Vendor Selection: We identify potential vendors, request bids or proposals, and evaluate them based on objective criteria such as cost, quality, and historical performance.

Contract Administration: After contract awards, we meticulously oversee contract execution, ensuring all parties fulfill their obligations and projects meet specifications.

Inventory Control: In specific instances, we manage county inventories, vigilantly monitoring and maintaining county-owned assets for proper use and maintenance.

Ethics and Conflict of Interest: We uphold ethical standards within procurement activities and work to manage potential conflicts of interest to maintain the integrity of the process.